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Q&A part 3 on COVID 19 lockdown measures
More questions on DECREE 37/2020 answered
If you are new to this Q&A session, we are publishing information on how Prefectural Decree N° 037/2020 is being implemented. PD 37/20 regulates navigation and maritime activities in French inland waters and territorial waters in the Mediterranean. It  was issued to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic. With some exceptions, all non-essential navigation and maritime activities are suspended until further notice.

And just so you know…
During this confinement we all have more time that we used to. We think it’s very important to use this time positively. So, if you have any questions feel free to send them to us. We will share the questions and answers with you on Linkedin. We look forward to hearing from you.

I am an agent and need to import yachts for the summer season and route them to their home ports in the French Mediterranean. Am I allowed to do this?

A: In accordance with the provisions of article 5 of PD 37/20, you can import a yacht and route it to it destination port in France, after making an appropriate declaration.  The crew must have the confirmation from the port booking a berth. Once in port, ships will not be able to return to sea until the end of the containment period.
I would like to leave the port of Monaco and sail to Italy. Do I need a permit?

A: Please note that the rules in force in France under DP 37/20 are also applied in Monaco. For the duration of the confinement, you are not allowed to exit or enter the Port of Monaco.
I manage a shipyard and have to move a sailboat to carry out work in my facility and then do sea trials. What should I do?

A: In accordance with the provisions of article 2 of DP 37/20, you are exempt from the restrictions on maritime navigation while the yacht is being moved to the shipyard.
I am the manager of an electronic equipment company. I have to test equipment installed on a yacht at sea. Could you send me aa appropriate permit?

A: In accordance with the provisions of article 2 of PD 37/20, it navigation undertaken to test electronic equipment on board a ship is not exempt from the restrictions on maritime navigation. You will need to postpone the sea trials until the end of the confinement period.
I live aboard my sailboat which is berthed in the old port of Marseille. I would like to go sailing again. Do I need a premit?

A: In accordance with the provisions of article 2 of PD 37/20 nautical leisure activities are forbidden. You must stay in port for your own safety. You can return to sea at the end of the confinement period.
I left my sailboat at anchor before the confinement period. Can I leave her there for the duration?

A: In accordance with the provisions of article 2 of PD 37/20, no pleasure craft is authorized to remain at anchor regardless of the flag it is flying, French or foreign. Anchoring can only be temporary and it is strictly forbidden to leave your sailboat at anchor for several days without guard and without crew. In accordance with article 5 of PD 37/20 you must reach your sailboat without delay and return to your home port after having made an appropriate declaration. In the event of an accident, like grounding, rescue resources would have to be mobilized at a time when the Covid-19 crisis is a priority. We all have to be civic-minded.