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New rules in France to prevent the spread of COVID 19
In force from May 11 to June 1,2020
The French Maritime Prefecture for the Mediterranean has put in place new measures for French and foreign flagged yachts to prevent the spread of COVID 19.  The measures are in force from May 11 (00:00 hrs) until June 1, 2020.

Key measures include:
Article 2 states that French and foreign flagged vessels are banned from entering a port of call, mooring or stopping in a radius of over 54nm (approx. 100km) from their homeport or their mooring buoy.

Passengers disembarking must comply with land measures (in particular the 100 km rule from home).  Pleasure vessels flying a French or foreign flag are not allowed to embark more than 10 passengers.

Article 3 states that foreign flagged pleasure vessels are banned from entering French territorial or internal waters if the destination of the vessel is a port, port of call or anchorage along the French coast. The ban does not apply to foreign flagged pleasure vessels in transit in the French territorial waters under the rules of innocent passage. French flagged pleasure vessels must submit a crew health report.

Article 4 states that no events may be organized at sea.

Violation of the above rules is subject to criminal prosecution.

For further information, feel free to get in touch.