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Restrictions on navigation in Italy
Current provisions in place
In order to prevent the spread of COVID 19, the Italian Government has implemented a number of restrictions for Italian and foreign flagged yachts in Italian territorial waters. (Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of April 26, 2020). Below is a summary of key points:
Navigation in Italian waters
Italians and foreign flagged vessels are not allowed to navigate for recreational purposes, sports or tourism. The only exceptions are: “sailing for proven work needs, emergency situations or health purposes”. Italian and foreign flags are not allowed to charter in Italian waters.
Returning to home port
Italian and foreign flagged vessels with “home port” in Italy may sail to their home port prior contacting the home port Harbour Master's Office.
On arrival in an Italian Port vessels over24m must request a special healthcare release for free circulation from the Office of Maritime, Air and Border Health. In addition, the crew must advise the Local Health Structure and quarantine for a period of 14 days.
Navigation from Italian ports to foreign ports
There are no rules forbidding the transfer of pleasure yachts, whatever the flag, from an Italian port to a foreign port. Crew not already on board will have fill in a "self-certification” form to reach the Italian port of departure.
It is advisable to check which ports are open and what restrictions are in place before departure.
Navigation for repair/refit
Private and commercial, foreign and Italian flagged pleasure yachts are allowed to sail between Italian ports or from a foreign port to an Italian port to carry out repairs/maintenance and refit work when the activity (code ATECO 33.15 "Repair and maintenance of ships and boats”) falls under Annex 3 of the Presidential Decree. 
Shipyards are allowed to resume normal operations.