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Temporary Admission for Private Yachts

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The scheme enables yachts under Temporary Admission (TA) to cruise in all EU Member States for 18 months
Under this scheme non-EU yachts intended for re-export are granted temporary admission into the EU without customs duty or VAT needing to be paid. TA basics are detailed below. 

TA only applies to non-EU resident beneficial owners and non-EU flagged yachts. A yacht is temporarily admitted into the EU and not into one of the constituent Member States. Thus, it can move from one Member State to another with no further customs formalities.

The period of use of the yacht in the EU is limited to 18 months. Once the 18-month period is over, the vessel must leave the EU. If it doesn’t leave, customs duty and VAT become payable.

A yacht is not limited to a single temporary admission. You can sail out of the EU and, when you came back again, after having visited a non-EU port, a new period of temporary admission can begin. The customs rules do not provide for a 'minimum period' during which the yacht must remain outside of the EU customs territory.
A yacht can be refitted/repaired  while under TA but a specific customs scheme needs to be set up. Check out Inward processing (IP) for details. 

You can check out the legal references at:
https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/sites/taxation/files/rules_for_private_boats-faq_en.pdf . 

H&V Yachting can organize your entry into the EU customs territory in France, Monaco, Italy and Spain.