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Fiscal representation

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Compliance consulting and administrative support for non-resident companies
In principle, non-resident companies supplying services in an EU Member State needs to register for VAT in the country where the service is supplied.

This means that a yacht owning company operating charter activities out of any EU Member State needs to register for VAT in that country, pay VAT on the services performed and submit VAT returns. Failure to comply can lead to costly penalties. Our job is to ensure nothing is overlooked, from importation of the yacht to managing suppliers.

H&V Yachting can guide you through the entire process and can act as your fiscal representative in Monaco, France and Italy.
As fiscal representative, H&V Yachting provides both administrative support and compliance consulting services. We take care of the VAT registration, invoicing, submitting Intrastat declarations, if applicable, VAT returns and VAT payments. 
In parallel, we advise you about the most advantageous VAT deferral schemes on importation and operations which can save significantly on cash flows. Click here to find out more about our compliance services for charter operations and get in touch if you would like to discuss your future charter plan in the EU.