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Charter operations

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Compliance and administrative support
Offering a yacht for charter might seem to be an interesting proposition since it allows an owner to offset running costs. However, commercial operations require careful planning to ensure navigation is in full compliance with the regulatory, maritime, tax and VAT requirements in each country. 

Unless chartering under a flexible scheme like YET, the yacht needs to be commercially registered. This entails a higher level of compliance than a private registration.

H&V Yachting can guide you through the process for charters in Monaco, France and Italy. As a Registered Customs Representative for France and Monaco and approved by the Italian Tax Administration, H&V Yachting ensures you operate in compliance with the maritime and administrative requirements in each country.

H&V Yachting provides ongoing assistance with regards to applications to charter, VAT on reduced fees, itinerary documentation, APA accounting and reporting, and charter trip tracking.
In addition, as fiscal agents for the owning company, H&V Yachting handles client invoicing, the collection and payment of VAT including monthly, quarterly and yearly returns as required. Contact us for detailed information about chartering compliances in Monaco, France and Italy.