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Q&A part 2 on COVID-19 lockdown measures
Your questions on DECREE 37/2020 answered
In case you have not read Part 1 in the previous news item: Prefectural Decree N° 037/2020 regulating navigation and maritime activities in French inland waters and territorial waters in the Mediterranean was issued to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic. With some exceptions, all non-essential navigation and maritime activities are suspended until further notice.

Obviously, the decree has given rise to lots of questions about what can and can’t be done during the confinement.
We have collected the most frequently asked questions and answers covering general issues and specific topics. We’ll be publishing some of the most relevant Q&A over the coming days.

And just so you know…
During this confinement we all have more time that we used to. We think it’s very important to use this time positively. So, if you have any questions feel free to send them to us. We will share the questions and answers with you on Linkedin. We look forward to hearing from you.
Q&A part 2
I am French and owner of a yacht in confinement in the port of La Goulette in Tunisia. Am I allowed to return to my home port in Marseille?

A: If you are safe at the port of La Goulette, it is best that you stay there during the confinement period. Otherwise, in accordance with the provisions of article 5 of the PD 37/20, you can return to your home port and after filling in the appropriate paperwork. The crew must have the reservation for a berth in the port of destination on board. After your arrival at the port of Marseille, the ship must remain there until the end of the confinement period.
I have to leave the port of Lavandou because my wintering contract has expired and have to reach the port of Antibes where I have a seasonal contract. Can I move my yacht?
A: Under your new contract, Antibes is considered to be your new home port. In accordance with article 5 of the PD 37/20, you can reach your home port after filing the appropriate paperwork. The crew must have the berth reservation in the port of destination on board. After you arrive in Antibes, the ship must remain in port until the end of the containment period.
I live on board my yacht at anchor in the harbor of Villefranche. Am I allowed to stay at anchor?
A: In accordance with the provisions of article 2 of PD 37/20, pleasure boats are not authorized to remain anchor, regardless of their flag, French or foreign. You have been in violation since March 20, 2020 and must leave your anchorage as soon as possible bound for your home port in France or abroad pursuant to articles 4 and 5 of PD 37/2020.
In the event of an accident that could occur on your ship, such as a grounding, the rescue resources would have to be mobilized at a time the Covid-19 crisis is a priority. We all have to be civic-minded.
I am a surveyor and have to survey a ship in the Baie des Anges port. The ship is currently in the port of Cannes. Could you authorize this vessel to make this voyage between the two ports?
A: In accordance with the provisions of article 2 of DP 37/20, maritime surveys are not exempt from maritime navigation restrictions. You can either carry out the survey at the port where the yacht is berthed or wait for the end of the confinement period.