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Launching YACHTRAK
H&V Yachting’s proprietary AIS-based global tracking platform
Here at H&V Yachting we are delighted to announce the launch of our new charter-tracking platform, YachTrak.

The Automatic Identification System (AIS) based platform allows us to track the yacht’s itinerary in real time (identity, position, speed and course) anywhere in the world.

The benefits for our clients are clear: we download data directly via your AIS call, cutting demands on your time to the absolute minimal. The platform provides 100% accurate navigation tracking, fully compliant and secure data, access to historical records and real time updates on the yacht’s status with regards to regulatory compliance. A key back-office tool, it reduces your workload while enables us optimize admin time, costs and paperwork and ensures seamless control over the reporting process.

We go live on Tuesday May 4, 2021. The really good news is that clients using H&V Yachting for fiscal representation in France, Monaco and Italy will automatically be connected to the system with no additional cost.

Services include the computation of VAT due on charter fees and tracking the yacht’s global operations (navigation and movement of guests). At the end of each charter, H&V Yachting will issue an official report which includes:
  1. the computation of the taxable base for VAT on charter fees, and
  2. the yacht’s updated status with regard to the 70% rule (FCE and ICE).
YachTrak confirms H&V Yachting’s leading position as the only one-stop provider for VAT, customs and tax compliance for yachts in the EU. We provide all the answers in one place and in real time.
Looking to the future, we are planning to integrate YachTrak into other H&V Yachting services including importation and closing in international waters.

For further info contact Thibault M +33 643 919 860, TH@HV-Yachting.com or
Chris M +33 607 936 333, CP@HV-Yachting.com