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Cruising restrictions lifted in French and Monegasque waters
For EU and non-EU flagged yachts
Yesterday the Préfecture maritime for the Mediterranean issued an order lifting all restrictions on navigation in French waters. The restrictions had been put in place in November 2020 after the autumn spike in COVID cases.

Order N. 094/2021 is especially significant for yachts flying non-EU flags whose freedom of movement had been impacted by the 2020 restrictions. As of May 17, all yachts can now cruse freely and drop anchor along the French coast, including Monaco.

Italy also lifted restrictions yesterday – further details when we receive the official order – and Croatia is already open. So, with the number of COVID cases in decline in western Europe, things are set for another summer of cruising in the Mediterranean.

A quick reminder, the order has only lifted restrictions related to cruising. Any other restrictions related to travel imposed by individual countries must be complied with. However, most EU countries have plans to ease travel restrictions over the coming weeks to enable travel within the EU and from some non-EU countries with low levels of infection, including the US.